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Electronic Steam Tables Programs

  1. Feb 9, 2015 #1
    Hi all,
    Been a while since I posted in these forums. Looking for advice on steam table software package.

    I am looking for a relatively simple software package to look up steam properties. Preferably compatible with Excel. It at least has to be able to compute

    • SH steam enthalpy as a function of steam temperature and pressure
    • Saturation temperature as a function of pressure
    • Density of SH steam as a function of steam temperature and pressure
    • Saturation pressure as a function of temperature

    During my online search, I found this

    Does anyone have experience with this software package? What are you using for steam tables and thermodynamics properties of materials.
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    I use 'coolprop', an excel addin, simple and works well.
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    Looks like the excel add-in only includes a limited amount of the function library. Or am I missing something? Do I need anything except for the excel add-in files?
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    iirc the limitations are mainly that the add in can't do mixtures. If you are only interested in water it should be fine.
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