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Electronic Transitions

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    1- upon getting sufficient energy, electrons make transitions in between their orbits. suppose an electron, from the first orbit, is provided energy that is enough for it to settle down some where between 3rd and 4th orbit, will it make an orbit of its own there if the source of energy does not exhust? Or it will come back to its original orbit by emitting radiations even if source of energy does not exhaust?
    2- on its way back can it settle down in 2nd (say!) orbit or somwhere between 1st and 2nd orbit?
    3- apart from energy , what else determines in where electron will settle down?
    4- do they retain their spin during these transitions or it can be flipped?
    5- if we consider the same situation at low temperature then will there be any difference in transitions?
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    Don't think of them as orbits. They are discrete states. There is no "between" orbits. And so as far as transitions go, it's all or nothing. Either there is enough energy for a transition or not. If there is not, nothing happens.
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