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Electronics Engineering or should I study Mathematics instead?

  1. Apr 23, 2015 #1
    Hello, my name is Diana and I'm studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I really love and enjoy Physics so much, and I was planning to study Physics after graduating from Electrical and Electronics Engineering. This is my first semester by the way. The reason I didn't apply for Physics is because I want to study Physics in the US and I wan't to enter a really great university, because I really wanna be a Physicist and I want to be able to work as a researcher. Anyhow... I felt like studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering is a waste of time because I'll be taking all these courses again when I study Physics.
    So, I was thinking that I should probably leave Electrical and Electronics Engineering and study Mathematics instead. I am really not that good at math... I know this sounds weird... I understand Physics but I have trouble understanding Mathematics... and I feel like in order to be a great Physicist I should be good in Mathematics...

    So is this the right thing to do? Should I stay in Electrical and Electronics Engineering or should I study Mathematics instead?
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    I am not sure if you will have to take all of the courses again at all. Usually you have a choice of courses to take though there are some compulsory modules. I would have thought the enforced overlap would actually be very small indeed, but check out the syllabuses and see for yourself. Electronics is a really in demand field so it is a great course to do as a fall back. Best of luck.
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    Well seems a hard choice but if i were you i would continue in EE (because a degree in EE i think gives you better professional and carrer options than a degree in math)and try to study the branches of math that relate to theoretical physics on my own (like calculus, algebra,probabilities, maybe functional analysis). Besides i think when you gonna study physics in a good US university you will be able to take courses in all the math that will be required for your physics understanding.
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