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Electronics engineering physics guidance

  1. Mar 24, 2013 #1
    Greetings, new member here from Mexico. :)
    I'm currently in 2nd Semester in electronics engineering and looking for some advice on what topics in physics I should emphasize for my career choice. 1st semester I took classical mechanics (units,vectors,1D motion, 2D motion, work were some topics covered) and now I'm currently taking "General physics" we just covered a little bit of fluids and thermodynamics and we'll study waves and optics. Next semester I'll take electromagnetism and physics of semiconductors. Of the physics I have taken as of now I don't remember by memory some formulas or some topics but can apply them if I re read a little bit, what would be the branches of physics I should pay special attention to and be really good at? Thanks in advance.
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    I would say that you should learn essentially all of it - not the answer you want, I know. To narrow it down, as an electrical engineer myself I would say that the topics you will likely need the most are: electricity and magnetism, waves, optics, and semiconductors. However, basic thermo can help you be more comfortable with things like thermal analysis of circuits (how big of a heat sink do I need on this transistor so it does't burn up?), and mechanics comes up more than you might think so being comfortable with at least F=ma and basic rotational dynamics can come in handy. There is a reason why these courses are required!

    best of luck,

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    Thanks for sharing your experience Jason, as a side question, which subject were some of the toughest one you took as a student? I'm curious because in the college I'm attending and the other colleges around that offer electronics engineering, Circuits seems to have a bad reputation. Thanks again.
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