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Electronics or Electrical?

  1. May 5, 2007 #1
    Im interested in doing my undergraduate course in something with regard to Electrical or Electronics. But i paticularly do not understand the difference between the two.
    I am more inclined toward electronics but because of the few number of institutes that are offering the courses in elecronics i am beginning to feel that there is not much demand in this field.
    The courses i am referring to here are:
    1)Electroncs and Electrical
    2)Electronics and instrumentation
    3)Electronics and telecommunication

    Which course has the maximum applicability in todays broad ranged market?
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    Most schools offer an electrical engineering degree and you can focus on electronics when you choose your professional electives.
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    Electronics or Electrical

    Could someone please tell me in general what the scope of the Undergraduate level of the following engineering courses.

    2]Electronics and telecommunications
    And lastly
    What on earth is the difference between Electronics and Electrical
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    I find telecommunications by far the most interesting.
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