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Electronics Project: Wireless Data Transfer

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    I am planning to do a project based on wireless data transfer. I have a basic background in electronics only as far as flip-flops, shift registers, basic RAM/ROM circuits, etc. I plan to learn about wireless data transfer mechanism that is specifically relevant to the project. Can anyone give me a head start on how i should begin? What are the concepts that i will require to go ahead? Also, in which websites can i et the relevant information? [i tried searching on google with a variety of keyword combinations, but it didn't work]

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    How fast do you need it to transfer info? What are your size requirements? What sort of programming experience do you have?
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    as this is a very basic-level project, speed and size requirements are flexible. there are no strict "specifications" as such.
    as far as programming is concerned, i have a background in basic C++ programming and have done a course in programming principles and concepts (which was basically designed so that students can learn programming in almost any language by themselves). I have also done some programming in some of the older languages like C and BASIC.
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    No experience programming microcontrollers I take it?


    If you want to avoid that, I guess I'd look at what people do with RC cars and stuff.

    (99% of electronics problems are solved by "slap in a microcontoller and stuff on some peripherals")
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    there are sessions planned in our institute about programming microcontrollers, and we have been told that learning it will not be a very big problem after attending them.
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    By the way, I DO plan on using microcontrollers in the project.
    so can you just help me in finding out the proper websites where i can get some information about the basics of wireless data transfer? Also, any websites on microcontroller operation and programming? Any ideas or suggestions about the project will be very much appreciated.
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    You can look into wireless comm modules from companies like Cypress, TI, Analog Devices, etx. They typically use the ISM band (microwave ovens, WiFi, etc.) because a license to transmit is generally not needed (up to a reasonable power level).

    Cypress has what they call "Wireless USB"

    For the other manufacturers, just search their website for "ISM".
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    I'm working on a similar project, and we're looking at ZigBee and XBee options.

    Check out:


    There's also some info on these sites, but keep in mind that they are business sites looking for sales:

    http://www.digi.com/products/wireless/zigbee-mesh/ [Broken]

    Hope that helps!



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    http://www.earnhighergrades.com [Broken]
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    Do you want some "pluggable" module that will handle the data transfer or are you looking to build something from scratch?

    I'm starting to feel like a shill for Sparkfun but once again they have just what somebody needs. This http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=8945" looks pretty good. All you need to do is add an antenna. You'll see in the "related products" that they have matching receivers and to top it off they have some tutorials to help you get started. I was thinking about getting a couple myself for some tinkering.

    They have more than that. There's an entire line of modular kits for http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/categories.php?c=16".
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    I recently came across this PDF that might be of interest: http://zenburn.net/~goroux/rfm12b/rfm12b_and_avr-%20quick_start.pdf [Broken]

    Those RFM-12B modules are available for $7 each from SparkFun...solder on some headers, stick on a breadboard with an ATmega microcontroller, and you could get a RF link going without emptying your wallet. There's some much more capable modules from SparkFun, and Atmel has some good Zigbee transceivers with dev/eval kits (http://www.atmel.com/dyn/Products/tools_card.asp?tool_id=4291), but the hardware will cost more and programming will be more complex. (Better datasheets, though...and *much* more capable.)
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    Thanks guys for all the help... :smile:
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    Hi avro1on1,

    Check out DataBridge wireless modules from Starman Electric. It's not as cheap as some of the other suggestions, but it provides a very reliable link for analog, digital, and UART data, and it can't get any easier. With these modules, you can treat wireless links just like a regular wire.

    http://www.databridge.com [Broken]

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