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Electrons And Radiation

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    I am back with another doubt and i am in 11th grade now

    Can someone please explain what the electron really is.
    I have been taught that it was a particle when suddenly(i was expecting this) the teacher says that Electron has dual nature just like light(both particle as well as wave).I have real trouble visualizing this.
    What is this dual nature thing exactly?
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    See this article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wave–particle_duality

    It has been shown that all particles, including electrons, have properties of particles and properties of waves depending on how we measure them. The dual slit experiment is a perfect example. Shooting one electron at a time through the slits gives rise to an interference pattern over time, which is a wavelike property. (This means that in our everyday world only actual waves such as water waves would show this property, not something like baseballs) Since there is only one electron at a time in the slits, the electrons must be interfering with themselves to form an interference pattern.
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    Welcome to Quantum Theory 101.
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