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Electrostatic Field/Magnetic Fields

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    There is an arbitrary vector A=A[R](R,θ,∅)R(phasor) + A[θ](R,θ,∅)θ(phasor) + A[∅](R,θ,∅)∅(phasor). What relationship exists between the three functions A[R], A[θ], and A[∅] if this vector is either:
    A: Electrostatic Field
    B: Magnetic field
    I really have no idea where to start with this problem, nor do I have a great understanding of what this problem is asking. Any help or guidance in this problem would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    This is vector in spherical coordinate that comprises of three orthogonal components where:

    [tex] \vec A =\hat R A_R +\hat \theta A_{\theta}+\hat \phi A_{\phi}[/tex]

    Here is the explanation of Spherical coordinates:

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