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Electrostatic Levitation

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    Any knows how electrostatic levitation works?

    I know it is the process of using an electrostatic field to lift a charged object, but how does it work? what goes on in the atoms in the dust and with the electric field?
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    Andy Resnick

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    The electrical force F = qE balances the gravitational force F = mg. Not much more than that.
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    You may be referring to those toys that keep something floating in the air. it's still what anything.john said. but some of them are more interesting, they use a collection of three (or more) sensors on the base and a single electromagnet placed under the object, the sensors send the signal to a little processor that controls the electromagnet to keep the object from falling. this way you can tap it that it won't slide away.
    those things are fun! :)
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