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Electroweak Breaking MSSM- D-term pot. question

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    Looking at the attachment, I see that the scalar potential coming from the D-term of the Higgs sector is given as shown in (8.14b).
    However shouldn't there also be a field ξ as in Fayet-Iliopoulos model?
    [itex] V_{D}= \frac{1}{2} |ξ+ g \phi^{*} \phi|^{2}[/itex]
    Is there a reason I don't see, that allows us to set ξ=0?
    Also here:
    page 34 as you scroll down, equation 1.4.12 (or even under 1.4.10) the D term for the potential are given differently...

    Also a second question, the chiral Higgs scalar sfields as denoted in the attachment... what happens to the [itex]V[/itex] vector sfield in [itex] S^{\dagger} e^{V} S=S^{\dagger} e^{\frac{1}{2}g_{2}T^{a}V^{a}-2i \theta \sigma^{\mu} \bar{\theta} \partial_{\mu}} S |_{Left}[/itex]?

    (the attachment is from Howard Baer, Xerxes Tata- Weak scale Supersymmetry (2006), chapter 8.2)

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    I'm sorry you are not finding help at the moment. Is there any additional information you can share with us?
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