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Embedded / Control Systems

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    After graduating with a BS in CS, I haven't really found anything in the field very appealing. However, after reading some things, I've found myself very interested in embedded / control systems. My question, is this a field I can pursue with only a BS in CS? Or should I go for a BS or MS in EE? If so, would a MS be the smarter choice?

    Educational funds aren't a concern since I still have my GI Bill available. I'm just trying to figure out if getting a second bachelor's or MS in engineering will greatly improve my chances of reaching my professional goals.

    Any guidance/advice is greatly appreciated.
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    What are your professional goals? An interest in embedded control systems isn't a professional goal. It's an interest.

    Do you want to design them? Google up companies that do that and find out what they want in the way of designers.
    Do you want to write software for them? Same plan.
    Do you want to install or service them? You want some technical training with such equipment. Again, Google up companies that do that and find out what they want.
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