control systems

  1. Ultisonic

    Transfer Function and Control Systems Question

    ıs there anyone to solve 8th 9th and 10th problems? It is about transfer function and control systems Password= 1234
  2. Nikhil N

    Dynamic modeling of a system and transients of the system

    Consider, I have a dynamic system model for air compressor. Which means I have modelled the system by including its physics. Does this means I also included the transients of the system? What I think is, when i modelled any system with equations, I think that includes the transients. Is it...
  3. kostoglotov

    Viscous drag parallel to the axis of rotation: Control Systems

    1. Homework Statement seeking G(s) = \frac{\theta_2(s)}{\tau(s)} 2. Homework Equations 3. The Attempt at a Solution What does it mean when the viscous drag is parallel to the axis of rotation? It also turns out that this system needs two equations. I...
  4. mattyboson12

    Control systems -- input with non-zero initial conditions

    1. Homework Statement Deriving an s-domain equation for the following inputs a) &b) 3. The Attempt at a Solution I understand how to derive the equation for an input with zero initial conditions (part a) but I'm not sure what to do when there are non-zero initial conditions (part b)
  5. M

    A block diagram reduction

    I would like to ask why cannot I think G5 in series with G3(G4+G6G7) and then after muliplying them why I cannot think of G5*G3(G4+G6G7) in parallel to G2 so sum G2 and G5*G3(G4+G6G7) ? Thank you.
  6. pickycat

    Just curious, searching for explanations or research

    Outdated Control Systems Engineer with a PhD in Industrial Preventive Maintenance, in training for a double major in Chemistry and Biology. Prefer to work the math, reason and deduct, infer, interpolate and extrapolate, yet a lot is presented to me as to be "simple memorization", so I have to...
  7. MarcusAu314

    Control theory: block diagram, problem (detailed below)

    I´m taking a course on control engineering and I have a test next Tuesday so I need to study the basics which are: Laplace transform, simplification of block diagrams, and analysis of transient and steady state responses. Right now I am dealing with the second one. I know the basic rules of...
  8. J

    Finding points on root-locus by hand

    1. Homework Statement I am trying to answer two questions: 1. Solve part (b) in the image above by hand. 2. What are the differences between transfer function (a) and transfer function (b). 2. Homework Equations cos(Im(s) / Re(s)) = ζ 3. The Attempt at a Solution 1. For part one...
  9. srinaath

    Dynamic model of non-linear system

    i am finding it difficult to get insight about modelling of non linear system (electrical). my queries are, consider the system is DC DC converter... 1) I read that to study the dynamics of the system we linearise the non-linear system....why do we want to linearise it?... 2)can some one please...
  10. Emre Yucel

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello, My name is Emre and I am a MSc student in mechanical engineering.I am looking for PhD in US.My research interests are mechanical vibrations,rail vehicles,finite element method and control theory.In fact I have 2.68/4 GPA in Undergrad and 3.79/4 GPA in Master.So if anyone has any advice...
  11. D

    2nd Order Control system PD controller

    Hi, This question on PD control is from a practice quiz. 1. Homework Statement If you can't see it- the question asks to find values for Kp and Kd such that the system achieves 5% OS and has a settling time Ts of 3s. Cs = 3 Cd = 2 m = 5 2. Homework Equations ω_n^2/(s^2 + 2ζw_n + ω_n^2) -...
  12. L

    Why Time Response Characteristics Derived from Zero State Equation

    QUESTION: 1) Why are Time Response Characteristic's Expressions derived from only from Zero State Equations? NOTE: Nise Control Systems Engineering 6ed uses step inputs to derive Time Response Characteristics for 1st and 2nd order ordinary differential equations...
  13. Shriraam Prabu

    Auto track using Kinematic model

    Hi, I'm trying to implement an auto track guidance system for ground vehicles (Eg Tractors), I'm using Matlab and Simulink. I'm at a point where I can calculate heading errors. I'm not too sure how to calculate the lateral errors. Also, I need help in designing the controller. I'm using...
  14. M

    Observable System L Matrix, can a value be negative?

    1. Homework Statement An error matrix is in the form, has a characteristic equation: ## CE: s^2 + 120s + 7200 = 0 ## A state variable feedback system is described by: ## A_F = \begin{bmatrix}0 & 1 \\-616.8 & -40 \end{bmatrix} ## ## B = \begin{bmatrix}0 \\ 1 \end{bmatrix} ## ## C =...
  15. azeriAggie

    How can I control two outputs with a single PID-controller?

    Overview I'm trying to levitate a constrained permanent magnet with 2 electromagnets. I'm having trouble conceptualizing the control system for such an operation. Setup The permanent magnet is fixed onto a horizontal pendulum and is repelled by an electromagnet above and repelled by an...
  16. T

    Transfer function with Disturbance

    1. Homework Statement Find the steady-state error due to a disturbance Td(s) = 1/s. Set R(s) = 0. if given a system: 2. Homework Equations n/a 3. The Attempt at a Solution I need Y(s)/Td(s). To do this I must find Y(s) in terms of the transfer function Y(s)/R(s) which I have obtained...
  17. R

    Understanding frequency and dynamics

    Can someone please explain intuitively how the terms “frequency” and “dynamics” are related ? I understand the concept of each of these two individually, but I am having some difficulty visualizing what high-frequency dynamics mean. I understand the concept of how time and frequency domains...
  18. R

    Why the transfer function is represented in S Domain?

    Hi all, I would like to know why the Transfre function of the system is represented in S Domain instead of doing all the math in time domain itself. I studied a course on control systems and i wonder why s- domain is taken instead of other domains like Z- domain and others. Please refer belwo...
  19. D

    Calculating Steady State Error

    I am trying to calculate the steady state error of the following system but unable to do it. I have used MATLAB and calculated the steady state error to be 0.1128 but don't understand the steps that I need to do to calculate this. Please help. Thanks