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EMF generator from audio speaker

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    Hello everybody, I am trying to figure out how to build an electro magnetic generator in order to stimulate my home and my brain with beneficial frequencies such as the Schumann resonance and doing perceptive experiments on all the surrounding frequencies.
    I was wondering if an audio transducer such a speaker could act as a EMF generator, when the paper woofer is removed and the device connected to a function generator and an amplifier, in order to play the sound, with the magnet only.
    Would it be the same thing?
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    The Schumann resonance has to do with the ability of extremely low frequency EM waves between 3 Hz and 60 Hz to use the Earth's surface and the ionosphere as edges of a waveguide. Despite what you may have heard, it has no beneficial effects on the human body. Since the idea is pseudo-science, which is against PF rules, I am locking this thread.
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