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Energy dissipation in inductor and capacitor

  1. Jul 6, 2014 #1
    I want to know the meaning of energy dissipation...is eergy dissipation and energy consumption are same things?? inductor and capacitor store energy which can be used later... what is then energy dissipated?? is it the heat loss in these elements?? I mean..heat loss is what we say energy dissipation??
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    Dissipation includes any kind of loss; heat loss is a common form of dissipation.

    Energy consumption is a purposeful use of energy; dissipation is not ordinarily considered useful.
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    In a circuit comprising inductance, capacitance, and resistance, only the resistance dissipates energy, and it's in the resistance where electrical energy turns into heat.

    The ideal inductor and capacitor can temporarily store electrical energy but they return it to the circuit. Practical L and C do incur losses in their resistance.
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    In that case..what's the difference between energy dissipation and energy storage fr an inductor and capacitor..
    Basically my doubt is regarding the steady state of inductor & capacitor..in steady state the energy disssipated is zero for both but stored energy has certain value as its due to magnetic & electric fields...
    If these both are'nt in steady stae thn how the enrgy will be dissipated.>??
    Then , in steady state... the enrgy stored in the inductor & capacitor will be utilised..??
    Its really very confusing..plzz explain as clearly as possible..!!!
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    Energy is dissipated as heat when current flows in any resistance, instantaneous power p(t) = i2(t).R

    Thus, electrical energy is lost from the circuit as heat.

    In the steady state, L and C can be storing energy. It can be recovered from them but only by taking the circuit out of its steady-state.
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