What is Energy dissipation: Definition and 35 Discussions

In thermodynamics, dissipation is the result of an irreversible process that takes place in homogeneous thermodynamic systems. In a dissipative process, energy (internal, bulk flow kinetic, or system potential) transforms from an initial form to a final form, where the capacity of the final form to do mechanical work is less than that of the initial form. For example, heat transfer is dissipative because it is a transfer of internal energy from a hotter body to a colder one. Following the second law of thermodynamics, the entropy varies with temperature (reduces the capacity of the combination of the two bodies to do mechanical work), but never decreases in an isolated system.
These processes produce entropy at a certain rate. The entropy production rate times ambient temperature gives the dissipated power. Important examples of irreversible processes are: heat flow through a thermal resistance, fluid flow through a flow resistance, diffusion (mixing), chemical reactions, and electrical current flow through an electrical resistance (Joule heating).

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  1. no_drama_llama_77

    Dampers and energy dissipation

    "What is a tuned mass damper" by practical engineering From 6:36 to 7:07How does the energy of the pendulum tuned mass damper (PTMD) dissipate energy back into the building? Intuitively, it seems like it's momentum or resonance, where the PTMD is in phase with the motion of the building and thus...
  2. M

    Explosion energy dissipation and Ek

    Hello, I think the only energy involved is kinetic energy. So I subtract to get the difference between two stages to find the energy cost by explosion. (0.5*9.6*14.6^2)-(0.5*0.2*2.4^2)=1022.59J However the system said that this answer is wrong, So I wondered where did I make a mistake?
  3. B

    Energy dissipated in a resistor

    Homework Statement A resistor of resistance 10Kohms has voltage across it described by the function V(t) = 6sin(10t+pi/4)*exp(-2t) Volts Calculate the energy dissipated in the resistor between t=0 and t=0.5 Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I have done the definite integral and have...
  4. S

    Problem with Energy Dissipation

    Homework Statement A 4.70-kg steel ball is dropped from a height of 11.0 m into a box of sand and sinks 0.500 m into the sand before stopping. How much energy is dissipated through the interaction with the sand? Express answer using three significant digits. Homework Equations Potential...
  5. moenste

    Energy dissipated in the loop during mag. field change

    Homework Statement A closed wire loop in the form of a square of side 4.0 cm is mounted with its plane horizontal. The loop has a resistance of 2.0 * 10-3 Ω, and negligible self inductance. The loop is situated in a magnetic field of strength 0.70 T directed vertically downwards. When the field...
  6. Y

    A Capture by Gravitational Radiation in 2-Body System?

    Is it possible for enough energy to be dissipated in the form of gravitational radiation in a two-body system to allow for capture? From what I remember, you would need extremely massive bodies passing extremely close to each other: I'd like to know how massive and how close. It has been a few...
  7. moenste

    Internal resistance of each cell+energy dissipated in 1 min

    Homework Statement A bulb is used in a torch which is powered by two identical cells in series each of EMF 1.5 V. The bulb then dissipates power at the rate of 625 mW and the PD across the bulb is 2.5 V. Calculate (i) the internal reistance of each cell and (ii) the energy dissipated in each...
  8. Majorana

    Energy dissipation when a lift stops

    Lifts/elevators of traditional design (i.e. not of the "gearless" type, like Kone's EcoDisc ®) are driven by a hoist that uses a worm drive gear between the electric motor and the sheave. The drum brake is always mounted on the motor shaft (high speed). As you know, worm drive gears are (except...
  9. lulzury

    RLC Circuit time for Energy to drop to 20% of initial value

    Homework Statement In an oscillating series RLC circuit, with resistance R and inductance L, find the time required for the maximum energy in the capacitor during an oscillation to fall to 1/5 its initial value. Assume q = Q at t = 0 Homework Equations ## U(t) =...
  10. E

    Magnetic hysteresis loop area meaning

    Let's consider the Magnetic hysteresis loop of a certain material: https://www.nde-ed.org/EducationResources/CommunityCollege/MagParticle/Physics/HysteresisLoop.htm is an example. In many sites and books it is written that its area is proportional to the energy wasted as heat, so A = kE_d. In...
  11. Abhirikshma

    Energy dissipation in a travelling EM wave

    How is energy dissipated in a traveling electromagnetic wave ? Will there be any dissipation if it were to travel through vacuum ?
  12. E

    Energy dissipation of steel washers

    Is there an optimum number of washers to be used on a threaded bolt in respect to dissipation of energy towards the nut? And how would one calculate the dissipation rate of each washer?
  13. R

    Engineering Energy Dissipation by Inductor (RL circuit)

    Homework Statement Homework Equations The voltage across an inductor is V(T) = L i' Basic current division and voltage division . Step function where u(T) : when t is smaller than 0 : u(t) = 0 t >0 : u(t) = 1 The Attempt at a Solution The voltage source has...
  14. C

    Solving Heat Energy Dissipation for a Falling Magnet

    Homework Statement A magnet of mass 0.10 kg is dropped from rest and falls vertically through a 35.0 cm copper tube. Eddy currents are induced, causing the copper to warm up. The speed of the magnet as it emerges from the tube is 1.50 m/s. How much heat energy is dissipated to the environment...
  15. ranju

    Energy dissipation in inductor and capacitor

    I want to know the meaning of energy dissipation...is eergy dissipation and energy consumption are same things?? inductor and capacitor store energy which can be used later... what is then energy dissipated?? is it the heat loss in these elements?? I mean..heat loss is what we say energy...
  16. Y

    Electrical Energy Dissipation Across Resistors

    Homework Statement (image attached) A). What is the total rate at which electrical energy is dissipated in the 5.0−Ω resistor? B). What is the total rate at which electrical energy is dissipated in the 9.0−Ω resistor? C). What is the power output of the 16.0-V battery? D). At what rate...
  17. E

    Energy Dissipation in an RC Circuit: Finding the Total Thermal Energy

    Homework Statement A capacitor C=8.00*10^-8F which has an initial charge q=1.4*10^-6C starts to discharge through a resistor R=3.00*10^6Ω at time t=0. Determine the total energy W dissipated as thermal energy in the resistor. Hint: use energy conservation. The Attempt at a Solution I...
  18. N

    What is the energy dissipation through the wire?

    Homework Statement A 3 m long copper wire that has a diameter of 6 mm is connected to a 9 V battery. a) What is the current through the wire? b) If wire a was connected to a battery for 1 second, how much energy would the wire dissipate? Homework Equations A = \pir^{2} R = \rho\frac{L}{A} i =...
  19. B

    Energy Dissipation Across a Resistor

    Homework Statement A battery is connected across a uniform resistor R0. A sliding contact can move across R0 from x=0 to x=10cm at the right. Moving the contact changes how much resistance R is to the left of the contact and how much is to the right. Find the rate at which energy is dissipated...
  20. P

    Energy dissipation in the resistor of a passive lowpass filter

    Hello everyone, this is my first post, and I hope I have put this in the right area. I am looking to understand something about the behavior of a low pass filter. When an alternating current is passed through a low pass filter, the higher the frequency, the lower the voltage output of the...
  21. N

    Kinetic energy dissipation by friction

    Is the equation right ? How do i solve it ? Thanks in advance and sorry about my poor english or something else
  22. O

    Simple Harmonic Motion/Energy: Damped Oscillations and Energy Dissipation

    Homework Statement Problem: A 2.0 kg block oscillates up and down on a spring with spring constant 240 N/m. Its initial amplitude is 15 cm. If the time constant ("tau") for damping of the oscillation is 4.0 s, how much mechanical energy has been dissipated from the block-spring system after 12...
  23. P

    Energy Dissipation in Horseracing

    Hi, First time posting. I have some scattered notes that I found on applying physics to horseracing. One of the notes talked about the energy dissipation of each horse's prior races but no formula was given. Could anybody show me how to calculate the energy dissipation for each horse in the...
  24. T

    Energy Dissipation Through Various Density

    I haven't had the pleasure of being on this site as much as I should be...pardon that. Either way, on with it then: I would like to begin this article with a question regarding the actual nature of gravity. Relative to massive bodies, it seems that gravity exerts a force that in general...
  25. M

    Solving Energy Dissipation in Lightbulbs Connected to a Power Line

    Homework Statement Lightbulbs labeled 40 W, 60W, and 100 W are connected to a 120 V/60 Hz power line as shown in the diagram. What is the rate at which energy is dissipated in each bulb? Homework Equations Pr = (Vrms)^2/R The Attempt at a Solution I'm not exactly sure how to...
  26. Terocamo

    Energy Dissipation when compressing a spring

    I guess it is common to say spring system conserve energy. But recenetly i hav been wondering another thing. Everybody have the experience of compressing a spring. When you do so, you must pay a force to keep the spring compressed. However, when you exert that force, you must also...
  27. H

    What is the maximum current and electric field in a charged wire?

    Homework Statement Two 10-cm-diameter metal plates are 1.0 cm apart. They are charged to +/-12.5 nC. They are suddenly connected together by a 0.224-mm-diameter copper wire stretched taut from the center of one plate to the center of the other. d)What is the total amount of energy...
  28. T

    Kinetic Energy Dissipation in a Colliding System

    Homework Statement A hockey puck B rests on a smooth surface of ice and is struck by a second puck A , which was originally traveling at 40.0 m/s and which is deflected 30.0 degrees from its original direction. Puck B acquires a velocity at a 45.0 degree angle to the original direction of...
  29. T

    Explanation of Wavenumber wrt Turbulence and Energy dissipation

    Hi there Can anyone provide me with an explanation of what a wavenumber is, and how it can be used in determining the extent to which energy is dissipated during turbulence (ideally in the context of the ocean)? I am aware of the basic definition of a wavenumber (i.e. the reciprocal of wave...
  30. I

    Average rate of energy transfer & rate of energy dissipation.

    Homework Statement 1.) A 70kg boy runs as fast as he can up a flight of stairs which has vertical height of 10metres. He achieves this in 8 seconds. Calculate the average rate of energy transfer into gravitational potential energy that must have occured. 2.) A700kg car traveling at 20ms-1...
  31. R

    Potential energy dissipation

    Homework Statement Imagine a right angled triangle ABC. AC is the hypotenuse. The actual problem is: An inlined plane is kept along AC (5m metre long). An object A is kept at the base of it. A force is applied on it parallel to AC. AB is 3m long. Account for the difference between the...
  32. I

    Calculating Energy Dissipation in Free Fall with Drag Force

    Homework Statement Need to energy dissipation by the drap force on a ball in free fall from height h and when it has reached terminal speed, assuming it happens before it hits thr ground. Drag force has magnitude bv^2, where b is drag coefficient and v is instantaneous speed of the ball...
  33. 6

    LR circuit energy dissipation

    Homework Statement A LR circuit has a 10V battery, 5.50H inductor, and a 6.7 Ohm resistor. The battery is closed at t=0. (a) What is the time constant of the circuit? (b) How much energy is delivered by the battery during the first 2 seconds? (c) How much of this energy is stored in the...
  34. P

    Rubber Bands and Energy Dissipation

    Greetings all... When I pull a fairly good size/quality rubber band and then quickly hold it against my lips, I feel it to be quite hot. I assume that some of the energy used in stretching the rubber band is converted into heat by virtue of the properties of a "rubber band" My question is...
  35. P

    Water slide energy dissipation problem

    Can anyone help me get started with this problem: A 50kg man at a water park shows off by going down a long, winding waterslide of varying slope. THe slide is a total of 25m tall from start to finish, and the man starts from rest. DEspite all the attempts to minimize friction with rushing...