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Energy into matter conversion possible?

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    With Einstein's theory, E=MC^2, we can turn matter into energy. But is there a way to take pure energy and some how turn it into matter. It seems crazy, but why not? matter into energy is just as strange... is there a method to do this?
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    George Jones

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    It is possible for two (massless) photons to collide and "disappear", "creating" massive particles (e.g., an electron and a positron) in the process.
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    In the early stage of the big-bang energy turned into matter, but that was under mind-boggling extremes of temperature. Apart from pair-production which George has mentioned above, it's not something that can be routinely done. Conservation of Fermion number means that an anti-particle must be created to balance the equation.
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    That's what we do in colliders, like the LHC; the kinetic energy of the particles transforms into a bunch of new particles.
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    No, they are distinct particles. Electrons are not "made of" photons, or vice versa.
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