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Energy required per day for survival by an individual

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    I want to know how much energy is required by an average individual per day for his survival, assuming he is doing normal work. is there any rough estimate? (say some thousands of joules !!!!). I like to know this rough value and I want to convert this is to electrical equivalent (i.e, in kWhr). In brief, assuming that a human can live by consuming only electricity, how much units (kWhr) is required for him every day?
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    Two thousand calories per day for an average person so: 2 kcal = 8.3736 kilojoules = 0.002326 kwhr

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    This is wrong. A food calorie is actually a kilocalorie. So it is actually 8.4 MJoules, or 2.3 kWh. You burn energy at about 100W - 100W * 24 Hr = 2.4 kWh.
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