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Engine and control systems vs powertrain

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    "engine and control systems" vs "powertrain"

    I am interested in working for a person in charge of "powertrains" on cars, and I have an interview for a co-op opportunity to work with someone in charge of aviation "engine and control systems"

    how much would these things overlap?
    i guess both of them are a sub-discipline of mechatronics?

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    Re: "engine and control systems" vs "powertrain"

    like all engines they will have lots of similarities, just look at the amount of car companies that also make aviation engines, but they also have differences: transmissions for instance. What exactly are you trying to do with both or is it a choice between them?
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    Re: "engine and control systems" vs "powertrain"

    Depends on what you consider "overlap", and what the responsibilities of each job entail. As for the technical differences, automotive and aviation are worlds apart.
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