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In summary, the conversation is about a person seeking help with an assessment for a mechanical engineering subject for their final year of diploma in order to achieve a high GPA and get into a scholarship program for a Bachelor's degree. They need help with answering questions related to control systems and are looking for resources to study. They also mention an attachment that provides some information on the subject.
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I'm doing an assessment for a mechanical Engineering Subject that I am study for my last year of diploma and i need to get a high GPA this course so i can get into the scholarships program for the Bachelor Degree so i need to my best at this final assessment and could use all the help i can get with answer these questions .

1- Draw a general block diagram to represent any control system clearly identifying each element of the system and the names of the signals being transmitted

2- Draw a block diagram to show how directional control is achieved with a motor car.

3- With the aid of suitable examples (one in each case), explain the difference between On-Off and Continuous Control.

4- Briefly explain why the response of some control systems can be oscillatory and how this can be overcome.

5- In control system terminology, explain what is meant by the term " Offset Error" ? illustrate your answer with a suitable example .

6- How can " Offset Error" be eliminated in a control system? illustrate your answer with a suitable example .
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Sure, have you got any ideas yourself to kick off with?
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Maybe you should start here:" [Broken]
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No one can teach you control system basics on a forum, read Feedback Control Systems (5th Edition) by Charles L Phillips. You can get a digital version on CourseSmart rather cheap.
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this attachment show something about the subject...
please if anyone can help


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Perhaps you should start by answering Studiots question and reading the indicated texts.

Posting the additional PDF doesn't change the initial responses.

What is the purpose of assessment?

The purpose of assessment is to evaluate the knowledge, skills, and abilities of an individual or group in order to determine their level of understanding and performance.

What are the different types of assessment?

The different types of assessment include formative assessments, which are used to monitor progress and provide feedback, and summative assessments, which are used to evaluate overall learning and performance.

How can assessments be used to improve learning?

Assessments can be used to identify areas of strength and weakness in learning, and provide feedback for improvement. They can also help educators to adjust teaching methods and strategies to better meet the needs of students.

What is the role of rubrics in assessment?

Rubrics provide a framework for evaluating performance based on specific criteria and standards. They can help to ensure consistency in assessment and provide clear expectations for students.

How can assessments be made more objective?

Assessments can be made more objective by using rubrics, standardized tests, and multiple evaluators. It is also important to use a variety of assessment methods to provide a more comprehensive view of learning and performance.

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