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Engineering doctorates

  1. Feb 26, 2014 #1
    Hello everyone. I have a few questions for people who have decided to go this path or know a bit about it. What is the job outlook for people that get PhDs in engineering? I understand that for most entry-level jobs, PhDs are deemed "overqualified". Are there sufficient openings in engineering (notably nuclear or chemical engineering) in academia? Or is it similar to the sciences where there is a glut of graduates and postdocs but a lack of faculty positions? Additionally, are there any other research positions at national labs for engineers that hire a decent amount of PhDs?

    I really want to get a PhD in a STEM related-subject, but I am having a lot of trouble deciding what - I don't want to be locked in postdoc after postdoc for 10 years, but I'd really still like to do something that I love.
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