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Classical English equivalents of German (pub. Springer) textbooks

  1. Sep 14, 2015 #1
    anyone who studied in Germany will be familiar with the theoretical and experimental physics books written by Nolting and Demtroeder respectively. These books are really the standard at undergraduate level but are much more rigorous and detailed than a lot of English language textbooks, e.g. Zemansky and Freedman's "University Physics" which my current university recommends to its undergrads. So are there any similar books in English to "Grundkurs Theoretische Physik" and "Experimentalphysik". Thank you for your replies.
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    The Greiner books are translated to English (also in the Springer Verlag). They are pretty similar in spirit, but I'd never ever recommend the Nolting series ;-)). The best very recent German textbook for theory is

    M. Bartelmann et al., Theoretische Physik, Springer (2015)

    It covers the entire European Bachelor stuff: (classical mechanics including special relativity, classical electrodynamics including special relativity, quantum mechanics (non-relativistic), thermodynamics and statistics (including quantum statistics)

    The only drawback is that it is all in one volume and is quite heavy. It's also available as an ebook, which is much easier to carry around :-).

    I only hope that the authors take the effort to write also further books on the master level (relativistic QFT, non-equilibrium/kinetic theory can only become great with these authors!).
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    Thanks. I did like Nolting a lot, he was my go to series. I remember Greiner but I never used him much, perhaps my loss :-) The English versions look good though.
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    Could you please provide a link? I can't find them. Is Nolting also trans. to english?
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    Nolting is not available in English - just German!
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