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Springer is a German and English surname. Szprynger and Szpringer are Polonised forms. Špringer is the Slavonised form, used for example in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, and Serbia.

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  1. N

    Other Which Springer books to buy? (QM, GR and statistical mechanics)

    Hello, Springer books are on sale this week so I wanted to buy some textbooks to support my studies and (eventual) future career. I'm an undergrad (in europe) and my courses next year will be QM, GR and statistical mechanics, so I was looking for books about these topics, but any suggestion on...
  2. Grelbr42

    How Did Jerry Springer Influence Public Conflict Resolution?

    Jerry Springer dead at 79. https://www.tmz.com/2023/04/27/jerry-springer-dead-dies/
  3. MidgetDwarf

    Other Springer Discount Code %40 off.

    Hey there. Here is a springer discount code for %40 off. M3rtp5dd Does PF have a deal with Springer, similar to the agreement with Amazon?
  4. C

    Solid State Solid State Physics by Springer

    I have the opportunity to get a Springer book for free, provided that it is cheaper than 200$. I am considering an introductory one about Solid State Physics, but I have never heard about a valid one from Springer (I know about Kittel, Ashcroft and Simon only). Do you have any suggestion? Thank...
  5. MidgetDwarf

    Other Good Physics books from Springer at the Undergad level?

    Springer has a 50% currently till the end of December. I know plenty of good math textbooks from Springer, but what are some good physics books? Particularly at the undergraduate level.
  6. fresh_42

    Free offers from Springer during lockdown

    Springer has a couple of links where people can have free access to books and papers. Here are those found up to now: Textbooks https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/free-physics-math-and-other-textbooks-pdf-from-springer-covid-19-package.990358/ Machine Learning...
  7. W

    New Free books by Springer in ML

    Here is a list of free books on Machine learning: https://towardsdatascience.com/springer-has-released-65-machine-learning-and-data-books-for-free-961f8181f189 Hope this is the right forum for it.
  8. fresh_42

    Other Free Physics, Math and other Textbooks.pdf from Springer (Covid 19 package)

  9. dRic2

    Other Free Springer books during lockdown

    It appears that during this lockdown Springer is making lots of expensive scientific books available for free. Open the pdf file and you will see a complete list of books with the relative links. You'll be redirected to the Springer webpage and there you can freely download any of those books...
  10. E

    Quantum Springer discount code CYBERWEEK19 - English IT books only 7 Euro

    Use the discount code CYBERWEEK19 to purchase English IT eBooks from Springer online for only 7 Euro. Go to the checkout and enter the code. Afterwards, you can proceed browsing the book list and it automatically shows if the code was applied. Note: At the checkout read again if the discount...
  11. E

    Analysis Springer math books 40% off till Nov 30

    Springer math books are 40% off till Nov 30. Coupon code is MATH19PE. I bought Linear Algebra by Axler , the analysis books by Pugh and Abbott. Any further recommendations for good books?
  12. Kostik

    Classical Springer and Elsevier-Butterworth-Heinemann quality

    I have noticed that the quality of books by these two publishers has plunged. I have seen a couple of recent Springer titles with very poor glued bindings and very poor print quality. What Elsevier-Butterworth-Heinemann have done to the Landau and Lifshitz series is criminal. The Pergamon...
  13. sunrah

    Classical English equivalents of German (pub. Springer) textbooks

    Hi, anyone who studied in Germany will be familiar with the theoretical and experimental physics books written by Nolting and Demtroeder respectively. These books are really the standard at undergraduate level but are much more rigorous and detailed than a lot of English language textbooks, e.g...
  14. L

    LaTeX Remove Springer Label from \LaTeX Text

    I used Springer preamble for writing the \LaTeX text. And now I want to remove Springer label from the first page. How to do this. For elsevier I just need to write \makeatletter \def\ps@pprintTitle{% \let\@oddhead\@empty \let\@evenhead\@empty \def\@oddfoot{\reset@font\hfil\thepage\hfil}...