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Entanglement and two electrons separated by the universe

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    If 2 electrons were created at the same time and entangled. And you sent A to the other side of the universe and then you somehow split B. Since the electron being split is connected to the A electron and mimics the electron being split.... Would that create matter and would the A electron split?
    That is if we could split electrons and is not an elementary partical.
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    A very good question, I think. It's better to think about two entangled spin 0 pions which spontaneously decay. As you said, the electrons do not decay.
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    No, splitting one member of an entangled pair (using something like spontaneous parametric down conversion for photons) does not cause the other member of the pair to spontaneously split, it just changes a two-particle entangled system to a three-particle entangled system.
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