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Entropy and the early univesre

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    since entropy in the univesre is always increasing, if we were to go back in time, would the amount of order increase? will there get to be a point where the universe is extremely orderly?

    Did the big bang start out as a very orderly object?
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    Andrew Mason

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    Entropy is a measure of how dispersed the energy is. In the pre-big bang, the energy was very concentrated in a very small space so it had very low entropy.

    Do not confuse order with entropy. Entropy increases because the most probable result of combining two thermodynamic systems is thermodynamic equilibrium. A system in thermodynamic equilibrium is not more orderly than one that is not. It is simply much more probable.

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    ISn't that also true for black holes? I did confuse order with entropy.
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    I blame that on poor popular science, which seems to be hell-bent on associating disorder with entropy, while not highlighting the true definition.
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