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Engineering Environmental Engineering/Biosystems Engineering

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I have heard mixed views on environmental engineering. I know allot of people say major in civil with an emphasis in environmental engineering. I really am not interested in civil engineering. I am currently in biosystems engineering with a minor in environmental engineering. Very similar program except the biosystems major ads in things like biofuels and a good bit of ecology. With the minor in environmental I will take almost all the courses required for a environmental engineer. I also take Civil statics, dynamics, and structural mechanics. And a ME thermodynamics and heat transfer class.

I like the idea of working on the ecology side of things. How pollutants affect an ecosystems. Ecosystem remediation. Using/growing different types of algae as energy/food sources also sounds interesting.

Another area that this major covers that interests me is water treatment.

I think I would enjoy any of the above areas.

Do you think it will be hard to find a job with this major? I know its not a "mainstream engineering major". It is ABET accredited if that matters. I am also not opposed to graduate school.

It seems to me the more ecology side of things may be harder to get into but what about water treatment? That is soothing that will always be needed so does that mean it has good job opportunities?

Thanks for any advice.
Hi, Jon1770,

I am currently looking into switching from EE to Biosystems engineering. I am also interested in alternative fuels and the living processes in the environment, and also more ecologically sound methods of farming. My concern is the biosystems/ag-engineering degree seems broad, less specific compared to the main engineering disciplines, and I dont know what kind of jobs I could get into right out of school. Have you found any good resources online, or communities that discuss this degree? I have found the ASABE website.
I work at an oil refinery and environmental engineers are always in demand. The strict rules from OSHA and WISHA/L&I require a lot of documentation and oversight. We have 3 on staff to monitor waste and emissions. The down side is that of all the engineers at my work these guys are the least paid. The other down side is these guys are fed to the wolves whenever there is an incident.

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