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Equalibrium Problem

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    C_6H_5OH acts as a weak acid and C_6H_5NH_2 acts as a weak base in water. Write equalibrium expressions for K_a and K_b.
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    Hi my friend. What you should do here is write first the equilibrium reaction for these two substances ionisation in water, then deduce an expression for Kc-eqm constant. This expression will include the concentration of water, which is constant and thus cancels out of the equation. Then replace Kc by simply Ka or Kb, a new sort of equilibrium constant for these reactions. What you shoulb find is the Ka/Kb is simply the product of the concentrations of the conjugate base/acid and the new acid/base divided by the initial concentration of base/acid. Yours, Joe
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    First, show your work, if you had read the text you should at least know how to start.
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