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Homework Help: Equation for the Period of a Pendulum

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    Hey, I know that the equation to find the period of a pendulum is

    T = 2[tex]\pi[/tex][tex]\sqrt{\frac{l}{g}}[/tex]

    and my question is how exactly did they derive this? I've done some research and it confused me even more, can someone please explain the procedure to derive this equation?

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    Doc Al

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    Ok I got that figured out. Thanks so much!

    But I have another question...

    I am to plot Log T vs Log L, where L is length of the pendulum and T is the period. I graphed this and found the slope to be around 0.404. What is significant about this slope and how does it show the relationship between L and T?

    I think I'm suppose to find the equation of the line?

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    Take the log of both sides of the Simple Pendulum equation, what is the slope of the line?
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