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Homework Help: ESP for fine particle penetration

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    a gas stream has particles of three sizes, 10 micron, 7 micron and 3 micron. The particle density is the same for all three sizes as well as the weight concentration (0.33333). This gas passes through an ESP that obeys Dutch-Anderson equation arranged for the penetration:

    p=exp^(-Aw/Q) where p is the penetration, A the collection area, Q the volumetric flow and w the drift velocity.

    If the overall penetration is 0.05 What are the individual percent penetrations for each of the three sizes?

    I'm really lost in the approach...
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    i just found the 3 velocities so far: 10 micron → 0.33m/s 7micron→ 0.23m/s 3micron→ 0.1m/s
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