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Estimate for the liquid flow-rate into a gas scrubber

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    I need a method for estimating the liquid flow rate required by a gas scrubber (I know the amount of gas that needs to be scrubbed and the amount of particulates with it, but I don't know about the nature of the particles, except that they are organic).

    It doesn't need to be particularly accurate or fancy, but I've looked at books, and journal articles and I can't find anything useful.

    I anyone could help me, I'd be very grateful.
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    What is being scrubbed from the gas? The particulates or some component of the gas?

    It seems one would need to know something about the chemical reaction and the number of moles involved. Or if its the particulates, the specific area of the particulates and the mass of liquid/unit area of particulate reacting.
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    You would think so. But no particle masses were given.

    Fortunately, I found out that scrubbers are often rated by their liquid flowrate/gas flowrate ratio, and so I just used that.
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