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ETH Zürich, MSc Physics

  1. Mar 26, 2015 #1
    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for information about the Master of Science in Physics at ETHZ. I received an admission proposal and look for up-to-date descriptions of a few aspects of the cursus.
    -First, I struggle to find short and synthetic descriptions of class schedules, and especially exams schedules.
    If I've understood well, exams take place during the lectures break, which lasts at least two months. Could somebody presently at ETHZ describe/send a snapshot of his week schedule and exam schedule, in order to have an example, and tell us how much time a student needs to spend working, on average?
    I'm french, so I also wondered if I could manage to have my exams close to each other, and have a few time home without having to stay in Switzerland during the whole break, or pay too much in train trips.
    -I also wonder if all the lectures and exercises class are in english, as I am told. I've seen in France foreign students been told "slides will be in english, but I will speak french during lectures" and struggle, and I would not like to attend a course in German.
    -Are the lectures notes or books allowed during exams?
    -Some say the whole master, including the master thesis, can be done in a single year. How true is it? And the school website indicates that master thesis could be done abroad, but how often does this happen?

    Thank you very much to those who will reply!
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