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Europe looks better.

  1. Oct 19, 2004 #1
    Do you have impression when traveling in western Europe that everything there is better made,better tasting and even women are better looking?
    I often travel to Europe because my old folks are living there and each time on my way here I'm depressed.
    Of course America is a beautifull country and nature here is stunning but all the rest -man made stuff looks like it was made comparing to Europe 10-15
    years ago and it is made cheaply.
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    I can't make a comparison since I haven't visited the USA, but life in Europe is fine. I think that I wouldn't be very much comfortable in a country where there exist dead penalty, free possession of guns, and its president says that God is telling him to attack other countries
  4. Oct 19, 2004 #3
    I can make a comparison since I have been to both Spain and the USA, but life in the US is fine. I think that I wouldn't be very much comfortable in a country where there exist a great possibility of being blown to 3 million little pieces while riding the train. But that's just me.
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    Whatever. We are going to win the Davis cup anyway
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    Ahh, the Brits said the same thing about the world cup :biggrin: I was on hoilday in London when their team lost. What other sports are popular in Europe. Do you have baseball over their? The world series have been pretty intense.
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    I have a friend that's lived in Germany for six years and he won't hesitate to tell you how much better it is there than here.
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    I don't want to whine and complain about life in USA/Canada, this is just my small observation upon visiting other countries.One more thing is kind of scary here, most of industry and high paying jobs in USA are vanishing with this goes our technological know-how.
    Results of this we can see around us, soon America won't be able to make decently reliable automobile.Jobs left gonna be in McDonalds, WAL-MARTS and maybe making tanks/guns.
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    and thats why i own a Mercedes, longest lasting car EVER...... nuff said
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    baseball and football have not really stranded here.

    Its similar in Europe, industry jobs are taking a downhill.
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    Before I hand you the prize for the most idiotic statement on PF, tell me you weren't being serious. Umm, 9/11, Oklahoma City?

    I've been to Western Europe and the USA, and one of the things I like about Western Europe is that there are very few religious fundamentalists there, especially in positions of political power; certainly far less than there are in the USA. Lots of people in Western Europe believe in God, and follow some religion, but they tend to keep it to themselves, leave it a private matter. They don't bring it to their workplaces, or schools, or courts, or parliaments. At least nowhere near the extent to which this happens in the USA. The extent to which religion influences a person's vote in Western Europe is far less than it is in the USA. You will never get an openly atheist person voted as president of the USA. Never. And probably never a woman, too.

    Public and cultural and political discourse in Western Europe is more sophisticated that it is in the USA. They also have a saner attitude to work. Politically, they are less conservative then the USA, but when the conservatives do get into power in Western Europe, they don't obsess themselves with stupid issues like abortion, abstinence, gay marriage, and affirmative action ... instead, they do what conservatives are supposed to do, like balance the budget, lower taxes responsibly without increasing spending, reform the welfare and health care systems rather than destroying them, and so on. And both sides of politics recognise the need for environmental protections and regulations.

    But one of the things I most like about Western Europe is the people, the everyday people in the street. When you tell them where you are from, they nod their heads in recognition, and then ask you further questions which reveal that they know quite a bit about where you come from. They take an interest in the world, they have a genuine interest in things outside their own culture. For them, the UN is not a dirty word. Global organisations and cooperation do not leave a bad taste in their mouths. Foreign aid is not something to protest about. History is not something to ignore. Sex can be discussed in a mature way, the kids are not taught be ashamed of it. Drug addiction is thought to be a medical problem, not a criminal problem.

    There are many things I like about the USA. They have a "can-do" attitude. They support universities and fundamental research a lot more than Western Europe. They are outwardly friendly, which can be a good thing for tourists. They have a generous immigration policy. They kicked out the Brits and thus became truly independent (err, Australia, New Zealand, are you listening?) The USA was the scene of many great progressive movements, such as the suffragette movement, and the civil rights movement. They tend to be less cynical than Western Europeans.

    Overall, I prefer Western Europe to the USA, but there are things to like about both regions.
  12. Oct 20, 2004 #11
    and i find myself in a country dead center, right-in-the-middle of them both, and i prefer it that way
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    Hello folks. Here is my first post in this forum, and I have one word for you:

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    Chi Meson

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    Yes! What's the deal with that? Why is good yogurt impossible in this country?


    Why can't we have Irn Bru? (Scotland's other national drink)
  15. Oct 20, 2004 #14
    Reminds me of this comedian and this bit he does about his trip to Ireland.

    "Try the house beer-- it's freeeekinn grrrrrrreat!"

    The german lagers are tasty- vote for best beer in europe?
  16. Oct 20, 2004 #15
    Remember, when travelling in Europe, you usually don't stop to see the dirty and dangerous places. When you travel to America, most people go directly to the dirtiest and most dangerous cities ( or they go to the Grand Canyon etc.). If Europeans came over to visit Boulder , or Portland (either one), or Mizzoula, they would get a much better impression of America than they would in NY, DC, LA, or Orlando.
  17. Oct 20, 2004 #16

    Maybe you right,but a person entering some run down part of Lyon,Stockholm, Antwerp or Hamburg can be sure to get out alive and unmolested unlike getting lost in New York or Miami.
  18. Oct 20, 2004 #17

    Remember there are good and bad parts to every city in the world
  19. Oct 20, 2004 #18


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    :surprised After all, that's a toll we have to pay in order to have been USA's allied.

    Well, this is my opinion to the original question of TUMOR. I've not been to USA, but I think, I believe, I have the impression that USA's people and culture is something opposite. This is the image you show to Europe through your films. I mean culture as historical culture. You are the most powerful country at sciences in all the world. But your historical background is very short. So that, people who eventually travel to Europe, to countries like Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, or Spain, maybe see a bit more of monuments, big constructions, museums, and eat better food, drink better wine, and have another life style more quiet. The difference is here there are traditions, historical traditions. There, because you have a relatively short history, it seems you are a bit needed of traditions and self-personality.

    It is not a critic of USA life. You must know there are several different ways of life here in Europe, although we belong to the same continent. Spain is very different of Germany, France, or GB. Last times, we have a similar illness: we run away from our proper personality.

    Nevertheless, I would go to USA happily to work at a scientific job. You're the most developed industrial country in the world.
  20. Oct 20, 2004 #19
    Well, I've spent some time on both sides of the Atlantic, and I have to say that my heart will always be in Europe.

    The thing is, there really isn't a "Europe". It's an incredibly varied continent. Even single countries, like France, Spain or Germany, have more cultural diversity in them than the US. The US has always seemed more "monolitic" to me, west coast, east coast, sout, midwest, ... There are differences but they are not so pronounced. To give you an example, I live in a country the size of Maryland, population ten million, and we speak three different languages :smile:

    I've always enjoyed visiting the States. In many ways, the US had advantages over Europe. But I know in my heart that some of the disadvantages (if only the food and lack of decent beer and wine!) are too much for me to get used to. I might enjoy living there for a while, probably in New England or the north-west coast, but not the rest of my life.
  21. Oct 20, 2004 #20
    That was pretty funny, I don't want to live in a country where God is telling my president to attack other countries either. This isn't literally the case, but it also isn't far from the truth. He attacked Iraq because he wanted to, and it was his religious appeal that gave him the power to do it.
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