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Ever notice in tv shows

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    like NUMBERS , the Big Bang Theory and other sci-fi shows the scientists are always portrayed as socially inept geniuses ? The general public assumes that if you are a physicist or mathmatician of chemist or you strongly show a keen interested in either of those disciplines, you are a Witten , or an Einstein . I haven't seen one tv show were the characters are scientists who's intelligence is moderate or above average. Not that their is any point to this post, but I thought it was an interesting observation of the many inaccuracies of certain social groups portrayed by our popular culture.
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    Since most of the public can't relate to scientists, it is easy to accept the stereotype of them being reclusive, socially inept, etc.. It's easier to believe that someone that is capable of thought they can't comprehend lacks in other areas.
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    Who wants to watch a show about a moderately intelligent scientist? We want to be dazzled by their genius!
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    Yeah, this. The real issue here is probably the social ineptness hehe.
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    On this issue the physicist character is portrayed in a less than favorable way in my opinion. From the several episodes I saw, he is really nerdy and obsessive compulsive, etc. and is used mainly for comic relief. To me this is mathematician propaganda! It makes them seem much more normal than physicists when in fact they are just as screwed up!:biggrin: In all seriousness though, this character doesn't help the public opinion of scientists. People make fun of physicists and scientists, until they need medicine or computers, or cell phones, or electricity, or cameras, etc. etc.
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    but if the public is gonna appreciate physics, their should be more portrayals of physicists as regular people who want to learn more about the laws that govern the world around them.
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    Perhaps someone should ask Lisa Randall if she wants to have a guest appearance in a show like this. I mean she could really help the cause. She doesn't fit in *ANY* of the typical scientists-are-all-male-nerds-with-awkward-mannerisms stereotype, but she is still a world renowned physicist.
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