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Evolutionary computing bibliography [Deadline- ]

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    Evolutionary computing bibliography [Deadline-urgent]


    For my college magazine I'm writing an introductory article on Evolutionary computing, with the focus being on drawing parallels between Evolutionary computing vs the traditional paradigm and Lamarckism vs Darwinism. The problem is that, as always, the deadline is already over and I'm living on borrowed time. I'll be very grateful if you could give me the names of a few historically important papers and introductory monographs to put in the bibliography. Nothing deep or extensive is necessary, the article is at a very basic level and meant for students from all departments (including Architecture or Geology). Thanks a lot. I hope this is not against scholastic ethics or anything.

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    Re: Evolutionary computing bibliography [Deadline-urgent]

    I am sure you already have looked, but most Wikipedia articles include a list of references (at the bottom) that can often be better than the Wikipedia article itself.
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    Re: Evolutionary computing bibliography [Deadline-urgent]

    I've submitted the article already.
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