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Testing Exam Technique

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    Exams which are the Irish equivalent of SAT and A-Levels are starting next week. The samples below illustrate the differences.
    Does anyone have any advice how you should prepare mentally for these exams? Like how should you get yourself into the correct frame of mind?

    Here are sample papers:
    Math: Paper 1: http://www.examinations.ie/archive/exampapers/2008/LC003ALP100EV.pdf [Broken]
    Paper 2: http://www.examinations.ie/archive/exampapers/2008/LC003ALP200EV.pdf [Broken]
    Physics: http://www.examinations.ie/archive/exampapers/2009/LC021ALP000EV.pdf [Broken]
    Applied Math: http://www.examinations.ie/archive/exampapers/2009/LC020ALP000EV.pdf [Broken]
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    The best advice I could give is to get a good night's rest before each test, it's critical. Eat well and get some exercise each day. I always found that eating a high protein meal helped me sit still longer than eating sweets, but maybe that's just me.

    But really, sleep is the big one.

    Best of luck to you, I hope you do well :smile:!
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    Thank you. :smile:

    Out of curiousity, from looking at the above sample papers, how does the standard of the exams compare to the same subjects from other compares?
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    Fellow Irish person here, doing the Leaving next year,, I've heard that it's relatively easy (per subject) compared to other systems, however I think the sheer number of subjects balances it up.. But I'm unsatisfied with the depth of Higher Level Maths and Physics to be honest..

    Edit. Oh and good luck on Wednesday and the rest of them.
  6. Jun 8, 2010 #5
    Very true. The depth of Higher Maths and Physics isn't much, and it's only going to get worse with the introduction of Project Maths.
    Applied Maths is the only thing that keeps me sane.

    Thank you! :smile:
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