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Examples of resonance of sound in tubes

  1. Jul 19, 2008 #1
    Hello :)
    We did a lab in class and the lab was about resonance of air columns. We used a tube and filled it with water. Then we held a tuning fork above the tube to see at which points the resonance occurs. If a vibrating fork is held over the open end of the column, the loudness of the sound will increase very sharply at specific lengths of the tube. Now the problem is I have to come up with a real-life application of resonace of sound in tubes, and I can't seem to think of an example. Help me!
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    You can't think of any example of applications of resonance in tubes? Just about any musical instrument that consists of mainly a tube (flute, trumpet, marimba (if it has these tubes hanging underneath) etc..) uses exactly this principle.
    Also I believe amplifiers (for example a guitar amplifier) use tubes like this.
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    The organ is a classic example.
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