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Executing , sort of, OpenCV

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    "Executing", sort of, OpenCV

    For those who are not aware of OpenCV, "Computer vision (CV) is a rapidly growing field, partly as a result of both cheaper and more capable cameras, partly because of affordable processing power..."

    I'm trying to figure out OpenCV myself, and while doing so I noticed that MabLab CV programs exist. I figured then that maybe someone in this NG knows about it.

    From what I know, OCV is really not executable. Instead it is a library that one uses with C++ and in someway for C in Linux. I'm a Windows user and have downloaded the OCV, and unzipped it. So what's next? Well, I think I need to install the OCV library, with some several thousand functions. Apparently, one uses functions and so on from the library to incorporate into a C++ or C program. I have not yet figured out how to unravel the library. Presumably I don't need all the functions. Anyway, can someone give me a clue to how to proceed.
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    It's executable, but it's not an application.
    As you note, it's a library with lots of functions. To use these functions you need to write in application in C, C++, Java, or whatever, that calls these functions. Necessarily you will need to know enough programming in one of the programming languages that is supported.
    DavidSnider's advice of looking at the tutorial on their web site is a good first step.
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    I made significant progress yesterday. Yes, OCV is a library functions that is used by C++, Java, C, and other languages. When the OCV install file is downloaded, it builds lib functions. They are called pre-built libraries. One can create libraries of their own. It looks like the last step is "To finalize the installation go to the Set the OpenCV enviroment variable and add it to the systems path section." There are some sample programs to test with. One seemingly importat one is <http://docs.opencv.org/trunk/doc/tutorials/introduction/windows_visual_studio_Opencv/windows_visual_studio_Opencv.html#windows-visual-studio-how-to>. [Broken] It essentially is divided into two pieces. The second piece is the cpp code. I haven't read the first piece entirely, but it seems to be about setting up the library and software connections. Something to more fully read today.

    BTW, I'm using Visual Studio C++ 2013.
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