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Expansion Info-Representation With Arbitrarily Adjustable Decimals

  1. Jun 15, 2014 #1
    The following is what I call an expansion info-representation:

    ... _ _ _ _ _4.3 _ _ _ _ _ ...

    A) Each of the underscores represent placeholders for digit selection. (Psst: a whim)
    B) The decimal can be arbitrarily adjustable or fixed for the purpose of experiment.

    I'm going to try devekoping a few experiments that use this IR. ω
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    What is your purpose in posting this? Do you have a question?
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    Are you trying to investigate an arithmetic for decimal (or other base) expansions where non-zero digits may extend infinitely to the left of the decimal point as well as infinitely to the right?

    If so, google for the p-adic number system.
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