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Homework Help: Experiment of frictional force on rolling object

  1. Apr 7, 2014 #1
    Recently, I have done an experiment of frictional on rolling object.

    In the experiment, I have done 7 trials with different axle radii, similar to that of a yoyo on a horizontal table.

    the experimental was set as this


    As derived by the lab manual i received, frictional force can be plotted as a function of axle radius.


    The graph plotted using my experimental data is very strange.......


    Both graphs are plotted by f as a function of r. The one on the right is plotted according to my experimental data. The one on the left is a plot of the equation above. Why the graphs are so different? Is there anything wrong?
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    It seems like you have one bad data point in your experimental graph and the plot of the function is incorrect. What were the masses m and M and what is the radius R? The function ought to change signs at r=R/2.
  4. Apr 7, 2014 #3
    M = 5.743 kg

    m = 50.42 g

    R = 0.06355 m

    i see the problem.......it is a horrible and stupid mistake in changing unit.......thanks for reminding

    our professor reminded us that the graph is non-linear and do not have to do fitting

    but the graph is fairly linear except the "bad data".

    is there any other possible explanation leading to this deviation?
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    A good guess would be that the value +0.030135 should be -0.030135.
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