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Experimental derivation of magnetic force on a wire

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    I have performed an experiment measure force on a wire with electric current in a magnetic field. I got 3 graphs: Force as function of length (L) of wire, Force as function of current (I) and Force as function of magnetic field (B). In all cases, I got approximately a straight line through origo. Well; so far, so good.

    If I know the variated values of the magnetic field, how can I from these functions get the relation F = kLIB? I know that the Tesla-unit is adapted so that k = 1, but in an experimental setup it should differ slightly from 1. How can I get this value from the experiment?

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    Can you plot the force as a function of the product L*I*B, using all of your data? You should be able to get a value for k from such a graph.
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    Thank you. My failure was that I not included the values held as constants in the product of each measure when I plotted the graph...
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