What is Magentism: Definition and 28 Discussions

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  1. ktmsud

    I Magnetic Flux - Misleading Definition or what?

    Magnetic flux density(B) is defined as, magnetic force per unit pole strength and flux is defined as magnetic field passing normally through given surface. I think, I am clear about these definitions, and quantitative meaning they carry. I usually find, in some texts, the definitions as in image...
  2. hagopbul

    I Asking about something that I read on electromagnetic force

    Hello All: read a paper related to electromagnetic force and its applications in acceleration of charges particles , some thing came up in it , they drive a force applied on the particle called Faraday force = [1/2B]* [dB/dt]*m*v B magnetic field , m mass of the particle , v the velocity of...
  3. J

    Earth's magnetic force on a proton

    Plug in the elementary charge for q, 1000 m/s for v, 50 microtesla for B and 90 degrees for theta and I get about 8e-21 Netwons. But apparently this is wrong, anyone know why? Thank you.
  4. bluesteels

    Confused about applying the Right Hand Rule (RHR)

    the answer is attractive. but i don't see how this is how I draw mine and I use the RHR on the magnetic field between the two wire and I got the force is opposite
  5. jdou86

    Can someone please explain to me how the Biot Savart law is derived?

    Problem Statement: Precised to its constant . Thank you! Relevant Equations: Below En
  6. A

    Verification of Ampere-Maxwell Law

    Homework Statement A current I flows along a wire toward a point charge, causing the charge to increase with time. Consider a spherical surface S centred at the charge, with a tiny hole where the wire is – see figure below. The circumference C of this hole is the boundary of the surface S...
  7. J

    What are the latest developments in quantum mechanics and thermodynamics?

    Hello. My name is Jon rotsler I'm an avid independent researcher when I have the time. I have a huge interest in quantum mechanics I'm also bid on thurmo dynamics and magnetic. But rarely have time to do all the fun things I would like so I'm settling for good discussion and a bouncing around of...
  8. W

    Determining the Poles of a Magnet Using a Hall Probe and Lab Equipment

    Homework Statement Determine the direction of the dipole moment of a magnet with unknown poles. You are given a Hall probe and can use other devices commonly found in a lab. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I was thinking since the Hall probe uses voltage to determine the strength...
  9. Z

    The Effect of Temperature on Magnetism

    Hey guys, recently I have conducted an experiment investigating the effect of temperature (K) against magnetism (mT). I have found two formulas and understand that they are for both linear and non linear relationships but why does the function change from linear?
  10. cluelessGUY

    Magnet clamp repelling in coil

    I have a practical question. I want to make a rubber (silicone) hose/plug that is pinched closed by two magnets ( very strong magnets such as ones from a hard drive the Neodymium kind). I want to place then into a coil and when I want the liquid to flow, I want to turn on the coil and have the...
  11. R

    B Do all auroras occur in circles?

    Do the formation of auroras always occur in circles/ovals/ellipses?? What causes the shape of their formation?
  12. M

    Concentric Coils EMF from Graph

    Homework Statement Two concentric circular coils of wire lie in a plane. The larger coil has 61 turns and a radius of a = 7.40 cm. The smaller coil has 58 turns and a radius of b = 0.95 cm. The current in the larger coil has a time dependence as shown in the figure. Picture and graph...
  13. S

    Electric dipoles and a magnetic dipoles

    Is there any interaction between a perfect magnetic dipole and a perfect electric dipole, both at rest? What abut real dipoles? What does QED say about this?
  14. C

    Postion vs time graph without time or initial speed?

    Homework Statement Consider the system shown to the right. Particles 1 and 2 are fixed in place while particle three is placed at the location shown and released. Let’s look at the mechanics of q3, which has a mass of 3.00 X 10-5 kg. What will be the net force on q3?What will be q3’s...
  15. A

    Electron enters magnetic field at 5000V -- What's the radius?

    Hi! I'm getting ready for an exam and want to make sure if I solved some problems correctly. I would be grateful for your feedback :smile: 1. Homework Statement After going through potential difference of 5000 V an electron falls in uniform magnetic field. It’s induction is 0.1T and the...
  16. M

    Why can we not see auroras at lower latitudes?

    So I've been thinking about how the magnetic fields from the Earth create a magnetic mirror which accelerates the the particles in the atmosphere causing them to ionize and thus produce the auroras we see. But it is curious to me that they can only be seen in the upper most northern and southern...
  17. A

    A electron cyclotron has a frequency of 2450 Hz and a magnet

    Homework Statement A electron cyclotron has a frequency of 2450 Hz and a magnetic field strength of 50T.? a) what's the speed of the electron? b) what was the voltage on the electron gun which projected the electron into the cyclotron? Homework Equations Givens: r=.4m B=50T f=2450Hz...
  18. P

    Magnetic Field and Charged Particle Motion

    Homework Statement Suppose a subatomic particle of mass m kg has kinetic energy K.E. a nJ and is moving southward toward a vertical wall. When the particle is distance d cm from the wall a magnetic field is turned on: it has magnitude b T and points upward. The particle turns westward so it...
  19. Cibo Matto

    Orbit decay of particles w/ synchrotron radiation?

    Hello everyone! I had a question about a particle (say a proton) with relativistic energies interacts with a magnetic field (in the z direction). As it is accelerates the particle emits synchrotron radiation. Naturally I assume that this emission of photons reduces the particle's energy. My...
  20. N

    Experimental derivation of magnetic force on a wire

    Hi! I have performed an experiment measure force on a wire with electric current in a magnetic field. I got 3 graphs: Force as function of length (L) of wire, Force as function of current (I) and Force as function of magnetic field (B). In all cases, I got approximately a straight line through...
  21. tendo

    Strong static magnetic field influences on IC

    Does anyone have any papers or materials on how strong static magnetic field (7 to 12 Tesla) influence BJT and MOSFETS? I didn't find many people doing research on this. All I find is some experiment results. It seems transistor parameters change a lot with different azimuth angle due to Hall...
  22. S

    How does a magnetic field affect an electrical field

    More specifically, what happens and why when a magnet is brought close to a nonferrous charged object.
  23. N

    Questions on Magnetism and Domains

    I understand that only three elements are magnetic: Iron, Cobalt and Nickel, iron being the strongest. This element in it's purest state is un-magnetized, right? Composed of a bunch of crystal magnets or domains. So if you have three ores of each element at their purest form they won't...
  24. RealDoctorStu

    Superparamagents and superhot nanoparticle iron oxide

    I'm trying to understand superparamagentism. There is an experimental medical treatment that uses the superparamagnetism properties of nanoparticle-sized iron oxide particles. Injected into a cancer tumour, when the person is placed in a rapidly alternating magnetic field, the iron oxide...
  25. E

    Ship Mounted Coilgun Measurements

    In the story I am currently working on, a weapon commonly used on ships is a sort of coilgun. I want to create a ratings system for these coilguns and want to know the range of ampule-turns that would be used in large coilguns (barrel diameters range from six inches to two feet).
  26. F

    What Is the Flux Through a Disk-Shaped Area in a Solenoid?

    Homework Statement Calculate the flux through the surface of a disk-shaped area of radius R = 5.00 cm that is positioned perpendicular to and centered on the axis of the solenoid as shown below The Attempt at a Solution \oint \vec{B} \cdot \vec{dA} = \Phi_{B} \vec{B} =...
  27. S

    Magentism: Solving Proton Homework Statement

    Homework Statement A proton of mass m, and charge q is in a box that contains an electric field E, and the box is located in Earth's magnetic field BEarth. The proton moves with an initial velocity v vertically upward from the surface of Earth. Assume gravity is negligible. a. Indicate...