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Other Experimental Researches in Electricity: Series One

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    I have already got Faraday's "Experimental Researches in Electricity: Volume 1", which consists of 14 series of experiments concentrated in only one book. But, I wanted to see the more concentrated books, i.e the books of each series, to understand the situation then in elementary way. And even I have heard that those volumes contain also the unsuccessful experiments; I searched in internet archieve for the first series but didn't get it (it is in the public domain), I wanted help here, for I am really in great need of it.

    Is this public domain book not their in net for public?
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    Thank you for the reply. I am trying to do experiments which Faraday had done. I have got his Exeperimpental Researches in Electricity, Volume 1. It contains 14 series of experiments (total series~28); listen to Faraday on what he says in the preface:
    I saw all the philosophical transactions papers in the internet archive. In the time of no response here, I observed that series one doesn't contain the name "series one", as the paper without name contains the content which the series one contains; the series one contains only ~3 pages. I found a "book" (96 pages) here with the name of series one: https://www.amazon.com/Faradays-Exp...ectrical+researches+in+electricity+series+ONE
    (I obtained the page number info from Green Lion Press Website, I doubt the book on whether it contains only series one for 96 pages)

    In the introduction of first series in volume 1, he says:
    Faraday is noted to have presented everything, even the unsuccessful experiments, which Maxwell has appreciated. I am disappointed that in these volumes he has left some of the details. I want to know the source where I can get the complete descriptions of these experiments. Now, from observation in the time of no response, I sense philosophical transactions to be complete, but I am not sure.

    I am posting this to mention my search until now on the problem, which "seems" to be resolved; but I will be happy if there is anything to add here.
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