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Explanation of gravity, am I in the ballpark?

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    I was posting this on sciforums and it hasn't been debated yet so looking for opinions. But this forum is even better for physics discussions but I forgot the link to it since I used to visit here a couple years back. Anyhow, I will copy and paste my reply about gravitational forces:

    'What about this theory? Suppose we take a string, say, a few feet long, it's dangling down, and we move it, to make a wave with it. As the wave is existant, the string of course is shorter in length. Of course, it's not shorter, still the same true length but in a linear measurement, it is shorter. Now let's relate that to finite space-time. Whether it is finite or infinite, doesn't matter. It will only be infinite in the future, but at present, space-time is a finite length at this moment in time. So when an object posits a wave, it creates a vacuum in space-time which attracts the objects, hence gravity. Space is non-linear just as the environment with the string but time is linear, as the string is. And when the string stops, it's not positing a force, therefore, no attraction.

    Gravity happens when you have two like objects on the same frequency that happen to run into each other. If I put both of my hands in water, moved one, then the other is going to want to follow. The inducer of the action creates a vacuum that attracts the other hand. Imagine when we have vibrating objects in a three dimensional space crowded along with other objects that are operating on the same frequency or close. One may meet another by chance, while on the same frequency at the same time, so roughly they both get caught in each others vacuum or vortex of time-space. Just like if we all moved our hands around, back and forth in a bathtub, eventually one of us is going to meet another one moving their hands in roughly the same frequency and that frequency will increase in strength. That explains the initial attraction. Now when two of us are on the same frequency or caught in the same vortex, others will likely to chance by and get caught in the same vortex. Imagine a 3D space with the same happening except with a 3D spherical object. As one gets caught in the frequency of another, it creates a stronger positive vacuum force towards the the initial objects. That vacuum force of other objects being pulled in faster and stronger, creates even a stronger vacuum force which exponentially increases the strength of the vacuum as attraction increases, sort of explaining how a black hole operates. But this is assuming the moving particles which emit waves are vibrating back and forth, not in a radial patter of course. But seems to me, the law of perfection or opposites which I seemed to have dreamed up, states that it would be inefficient for the objects to vibrate any other way but back and forth, instead of radially like a vibrating toothbrush. After all, we are on the same track here that all we see, hear, feel, touch, sense is caused by waves of some kind, aren't we? Without movement, action, force to create waves, the universe would be null. Which would be a very inefficient use of space for a perfect God. I assure you all the real estate we have is here to be used and not null space.

    Light is a different story. It has less magnitude. What light does is temporarily pushes particles in the 3D space and that particle pushes back with the same sudden quick force which pushes the particles back to our eyes. I think of it like water in the ocean. Because that's pretty much what our universe is, just a sea of particles pushing and pulling each other, attracting and repulsing. Light is like a quick punch which reverberates back which of course is a different frequency/amplitude than gravity. Anyhow, that's about 30 minutes of thinking. Surely I'm missing something if I think that answered your question. That's my theory of light and gravitation anyway, but then again, I'm only high school educated and self taught in a few other areas.'

    Another post:

    'I'm surprised no one has debated my theory yet. Especially if I mention God in it, someone will quickly want to refute it. But just to elaborate on my theory, this involves any particle down to the quantum or even sub-quantum level which has energy. Just as two vibrating particles come together, energy is converted between the two. Even if both particles are just as active and on the same frequency, eventually if they are close enough, they will latch on or sync up to each other's wave frequencies and energy is hence transferred between the two. They are running synchronously together, synched up when we see gravity affecting the particles.

    Light on the other hand, runs at a stronger, more intense frequency. Take the hand in the bathtub model, for instance, or could be a pool. If my hand is a lot bigger and stronger than yours, and operating 10 times as fast, and I move my hand towards yours while vibrating it back and forth, say a few inches and slower, it won't be nearly as affected by the synchronicity of your hand or anyone elses who is synchronous to yours.
    But that is light and gravity summed up on the molecular/atomic/quantum> scale.'

    I know it's a long post so thanks for the time to read it. Yes, I know it's a bit vague but will elaborate if wished.
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