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External drive & Vista

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    There are probably earlier threads about this, but I couldn't locate them quickly, so risking to be redundant with the question but ..

    .. my daughter bought herself a LaCie 500gig harddrive for unlimited movie looking. The gadget works fine with XP, but Vista ignores it completely.

    Any tips?
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    Ignores it completely? As in, there's no system response like an error beep or anything when you plug the USB cable in?
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    Right,m no response whatsoever, that is the drive starts to make more noise but Vista is completely silent.
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    Was it on the same computer but different OS you plugged the drive in, or a different computer? Maybe the USB port is faulty?
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    Tried all the USB ports as well also another Vista laptop, no joy. The hard disk has it's own power source, so that can't be the problem either.
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