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Fabricating bipedal-ish walker legs,

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    so, I have to make a single-actuator walker for a class. it has to have two (unpowered) wheels, and two legs (it's a mechanism design class)

    here's the motor i have to use: http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/71

    i've drafted out a klann mechanism, and even made an assembly in solidworks


    but it's too rickety when I build it!

    so rickety, that I can't test it.
    but i know (from manually manipulating it) that the nuts, bolts, and legs will interfere with each other

    so, two questions:

    how can I stabilize, and how can I prevent interference?

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    Well, I totally redesigned the mechanism.
    It is inelegant, and boring, but it works.
    The only problem is that this project includes a report, which I've done in great depth for the other mechanism. This current mechanism does not lend itself to a good report (one that can demonstrate my knowledge of the course material).
    what should i do?
    1) have a short report, or
    2) add a section to my report discussing the failure of creating my previous mechanism, and a short section featuring the new mechanism?
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    I believe you should write your report to include the un-successful model and explain how you redesigned the new model to fix what was wrong with the old one. Learning from your mistakes is much more valuable than getting it perfect first time.
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