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Failing Grades and Masters

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    I'll keep this short and sweet, for i even manage to fail English and i don't wish to demonstrate it. But during my freshman year, i failed two classes (physics and Humanity, two required courses i may add)

    What is my likely hood of still getting that master i always seems to want?

    I am retaking those class again of course, they are required
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    You can fail a couple of courses and still get into graduate school, but it does put you at a major disadvantage in a competative process. Most of the other applicants will not have failed in their undergraduate work.

    You need to figure out WHY you failed and correct the problem if possible. Then do all that much better as you move forward in your studies.
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    Similarly I've gotten D's in G-chem 1 and 2, and had to repeat the classes freshmen year/summer between freshmen and sophomore year. I don't know how big an impact this has on anything, but my grades have dramatically improved since.
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    "Dramatic improvement" is the story you want to tell when you have bad grades on your transcript. As Choppy says, you'll be at a competitive disadvantage with *any* bad grades, but as long as you end very strong, you shouldn't have any problem getting in *somewhere*.
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