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Fate or Liberty

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    Hey is there Fate or Liberty ?

    as a rational person i would say fate , because everything around us obeys to physical rules. For everthing there are very very very long equations (for exact exact exact results)
    and we are not so different from the non-living, we are made up of atoms. I would say we are like a complex structure made up of materials. The reactions inside us (including outside factors , example : light) make up our actions + thoughts.
    We are like a series of reactions.

    And theres no random with physics;
    for example the random function of our calculator is not that random , neither are some of the machines in the casinos. You could make up big equations to predict their result (even throught its hard and long to do)

    I think , we place non-living and living too far apart. For us we can generally say that we hope to find alien creatures with a sort of DNA. Because life is just an impression. I say the living are compex structures whose actions are determined by iner-reactions + structure and exterior factors and that have a big possibility of actions. Well hard to make a definition. But lets just stick to DNA
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    If I have understood your point correctly, you are talking about a deterministic universe. I do belive in your results becuse of cause & effect theorm, which is indirectly what you have just written. You might find different ideas on this topic intresting.
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