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Fatigue Failure on Turbine Blade(large subsonic aircraft)

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    I am doing a project on the subject above, and i am selecting one type of material that is currently popular used in gas turbine, but i found it difficult to select the material as there are too many nickel-based alloy that can be use for this application. Can anyone direct me with a suggestion on what type of materials should i choose and any specific link that can provide the properties of the material?

    Besides that, i am looking for development of turbine blade material used since 1940s until now, but i can't seems to find any relevant info on it. Can anyone share some info regarding this?

    by the way, from my readings, i found that nowadays, mostly turbine blade are produce to be single crystal plus enhancement of properties with coatings. Is this true for the application of aircraft engine turbine blade available nowadays?
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    Dear Astronuc,
    regarding this thread, this link below seems to be unavailable:
    http://www.eprictcenter.com/infocenter/ct_o_and_m/pdf/creep7_paper02_msw.pdf [Broken]

    this link seems to have statistic that i wanted, are there any similar link that i can make use?
    by the way, does CMSX-4 belong to the preferred materials used for turbine blade nowadays?

    are there any link that relate the performance of turbine blade with the fatigue failure mechanism? such as, corrosion-fatigue, creep-fatigue, thermal-fatigue, etc.

    thanks for showing me such a useful thread.
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    It could be the site is down, or they've changed the url, or they no longer have the paper available.

    The paper may no longer be available. One could contact the authors:

    Materials Technology for Advanced Land Based Gas Turbines
    R. Viswanathan, Ph.D., EPRI, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA
    S. T. Scheirer, Ph.D., Power Tech Associates, Media, PA 19063, USA

    Meanwhile try this -


    http://www.gepower.com/prod_serv/products/tech_docs/en/downloads/ger3569g.pdf [Broken]

    CMSX-4 is one of the preferred materials.
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