Feedback Control Systems as an Elective

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Hey everyone,

I am an undergraduate mechanical engineering major considering a EE feedback controls course as an upper division elective. I have taken ME Control Systems and am also the Lab Instructor for it this semester. I am familiar with signals, filters, sensors, controllers etc.

My questions is what to expect from a course like this? Since I don't have a very deep education in Electrical Engineering I don't want to get in over my head. My knowledge extends from op amps, transistors, diodes, integrators/differentiators, PIDs, transformers, Laplace Domain, root locus, and others.

Any feedback from someone who has taken a similar course would be greatly appreciated.

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You will find much of the EE material analogous to what you know from your ME course, but it's good to learn both mechanical and electrical feedback methods and stability analysis. You will use both in your work, I believe. :smile:

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