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Feynmann diagram for photoemission process

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    is there a representation of the process taking place in X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, describing the interaction of an incoming photon with the electron of the atom?
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    X-ray scattering is dominated by the Compton effect which is the scattering of photons with quasi-free electrons.

    Do you want to take corrections due to binding energy of electrons into account? This will certainly not be a "single Feynman diagram"
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    I have the basic diagram for Compton scattering in mind, with electron and photon interacting at the left and an electron and photon coming out at right.
    If the binding energy of the electrons is not taken into account, would the process be similar to the basic diagram of Compton scattering?
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    w/o binding energy it would be *exactly* Compton scattering!

    Taking the initial state of the electron i.e. its binding energy (which may be large for K-shell electrons in heavy elements) into account one should get something like a "form factor" for the vertex.
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