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Calculus Feynman's High School Calculus Book

  1. Nov 21, 2017 #1
    Hi everybody. I enjoy looking at other people's handwritten notebooks, as well as what textbooks they learned math and physics from. This evening I came across this article about how Feynman learned calculus in high school by studying Calculus for the Practical Man by Thompson. He kept very detailed notes. I discovered Thompson's books on math some time ago and I thought they were all interesting, in particular the one on calculus. Enjoy the article.

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    Thanks for sharing. It’s a nice article on Feynman. One wonders with the access students have today to all things STEM of how they will be inspired or will the sheer volume of resources simply overwhelm them. Where is the next Feynman?
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    Indeed, sometimes we may have so many choices that we don't know what to do. I finally realized that as long as I'm in STEM, the main thing for me is to forget about what field is most lucrative and just focus on what I like the most. In any case, I can't do very well in a subject if my heart is not in it.

    I also highly recommend following the links provided to the Feynman interviews which may be found at

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    P.S. I'm not concerned about the "is physics dead" question because my favorite area, which is nuclear reactors, is not going anywhere! Perhaps some would say that's "only" applied physics but that doesn't worry me. :)
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